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8 Ball Dowda

8 ball dowda

Registered Name: Ar’s Eight Ball Lived: November 25, 2001 to June 7, 2010 Earmark: 93940 Sire: Oshkosh Summer Dam: Ar’s Hazel B Ar’s Eight Ball was born into the life of greyhound racing in 2001. We were told by the greyhound adoption group that he was a grand champion. Unfortunately, he was being raced illegally with live bait and was seized in a raid, which is how he came to be with a rescue center, and placed for adoption. We didn’t know the day we walked into a local pet store for fish that we would walk out with more than a bag of fish and tank supplies. Somehow, we couldn’t pass up the chance to stop and pet the rescue dogs that were up for adoption. My husband was the first to notice Eight Ball, because he had two spots that joined together to form an 8, and at that time, one of Nascar’s top racers, Dale Earnhardt Jr., had a number 8 on his race car. It was fate, I guess. We walked in for fish, and came home with a greyhound! We didn’t know about sight hounds, or the “pack” mentality and alpha leaders, so it was a learning experience for us. It didn’t take us long to see the beauty in a greyhound, the grace and the love that is shared after adopting such a dog. Eight bonded with us as much as we bonded with him. We became his pack, and he became another member of our family. He was a magnificent creature, built for speed and agility. His legs were long and powerful, and his body sleek, with a back end that was packed full of muscles. At the front of him was the cutest black, very cold wet nose. His eyes were amber and glowed with loyalty and love. At the back of him was a very long, thin tail that wagged endlessly and hurt like crazy if it accidently slapped you. At 90 lbs, he was an attention getter. Everywhere we went with him, everyone wanted to pet him, which of course he loved. At home, Eight Ball was a Mama’s boy. He followed me everywhere, all over the house. He was my shadow, and would lay at my feet if I was typing at the computer, or on the phone. If I got up, he got up. He would watch for me at the window and greet me when I came in from work. He would whine for family members that were not home, missing them. He loved playing with his toys, having spurts of energy, but mostly he was our couch potato – and rightly deserved. He lived his life as a racer before he came to us. Now was his time to relax and enjoy just being a dog with his forever family! We are glad that Eight Ball was able to enjoy his life. However, we are sad that he had to leave us. He was diagnosed with an extremely aggressive cancer that grew too large and too fast for our family vet to be able to save him. The tumor was inside his chest wall. His last few weeks he was struggling to breathe, and we knew it was time to say goodbye. It was the hardest decision we had ever made, and one we are still grieving over. Eight passed away the same as he lived – like a champion, facing his death with dignity and grace. He will never be forgotten, and we pray that one day we will see him again. Eight – you were the best companion ever. Your presence still lingers in our home and in our hearts, and we hope that you are happily chasing things and running like a young pup in Heaven. Until the day we meet again, and we are reunited on the Rainbow Bridge, we will miss you terribly. Love, your Forever Family: Mike, Becky, Shelby, and Gwen

Funeral Home:
All Paws Great and Small Crematory
5611 E. Houston St.
San Antonio, TX
US 78220

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