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Bayley(Boy), Baby, Little Kitty, Sweetie Forrest

bayley(boy), baby, little kitty, sweetie forrest

He’s name is Bayley(Boy), Baby, Little Kitty, Sweetie) Forrest . Born Feb. 14, 2010. I had never had a cat in my life, never wanted one. But this little guy stole my heart from day 1. He was Beautiful. Actually, I was told he was a she. So I named her Bella. But the first Vet. visit set me straight on that one. Thus Bella became Bayley. We called him Bayley Boy after that, I guess, so he knew, we knew, he was a boy. I couldn’t walk very well at the time. I used a rolling walker and before long Bayley would jump on the seat part and go all over the house with me. When I sat in my recliner he would jump on the seat to get treats. Not long after when I would put up my footrest, he would lay on it and with his left paw, he would tap on my arm or my leg 2 or 3 times asking for treats. So cute. Also when I would cut up cucumbers or peel potatoes he would come up and ask for some. He loved to eat the seeds of the cucumbers and the potato skins. He also liked 2% milk, yogurt (strawberry was his fav) and he liked to lick butter off my finger. He waited for me every time I took a bath or shower. He slept on the hamper on a rug just for him. He would let us know he had just used his box by hitting on the litter box for us to clean it. He loved to play hide and seek in the dryer and under the sheets when we changed the bed.And race thru the house playing chase. He liked to play rough and he could be a stinker, but when he loved on you, it was soft and gentle. He liked Ice cold water in his dish and the fresh grass I grew for him. When I wasn’t in bed he or right after I got up he would go and lay up by my pillow. At Christmas he loved to lay under the tree and run and slide on the throw rugs. Oh Gosh how I miss him. He was my buddy. I miss him so much. I’m lost without him to greet me and for him to wait right outside the shower for me every night. Not a day goes by that something else he did comes to mind. I come home from running a errand and his not their to greet me and welcome me home. He would sit in the window and watch me outside, and then scratch on the window wanting me to come back inside and be with him. He missed me so much when I would leave. I was in the Hospital twice for hip replacements and he was so excited to see me when I came home. I fell once and he put his paws up on my back like to try and help me up. I don’t know what I will so without him. He will remain in our hearts forever. I just don’t know why we only had him for 4 years and 4 months. Bless his heart. I know he’s looking down on us probably wondering the same thing. God Bless you my beautiful Baby Kitty! I will never forget you. Till we meet again Sweetie, you will remain in my heart! Sleep in peace Baby! We love you Bayley..Always………Mommy and Daddy Forrest.

Funeral Home:
All Paws Great and Small Crematory
5611 E. Houston St.
San Antonio, TX
US 78220

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