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Billy “The Exterminator” Johnson-Gomez

billy  johnson-gomez

This is not something I thought I would be writing about yet. I thought you’d get to see me graduate college, as you’d seen me from kindergarten to my junior year in university. You’d been there from the start. Not a day went by that our family went without you until now. You were the constant in our lives from the day we got you. Mom and I spoiled you rotten, you hardly had to walk anywhere on your own, you got your share of every meal we had, you were the baby of the family. I wouldn’t even use pet as a word to describe you. You had so much personality and attitude, we never once saw you as anything less than the rock of our family. We are glad to have shared so many years with you, Billy.

No amount of time would have been enough. 16 years and we wish for 16 more. You had all of us tied around your itty bitty paw. We always joked about passing you down the family like an heirloom to be cherished. You lived through so many phases of our family, you met so many other pets of ours who left well before you did. We’re all content with the life we were able to give to you. 

 Showing no signs of weakness, no slowing down, no pain, we saw nothing but strength and determination from you. You were named after an exterminator I watched on TV, you had a similar unstoppable fearlessness. As tiny as you were at 5.3 lbs, you swore you could fight every dog that was at least 8 times your size. You harassed our neighbors, your departed sister Rosabell, and your two passed sons, Lou and Cooler. You had a fighting spirit to live and compete with those around you. Even the cats were no match for you. If mom showed up smelling like another dog, you made sure she knew you were mad. If we bathed you, you made sure we knew to regret it. If Dad walked into your room, you’d stare and huff at him until he left. The way we talk about you, you’d think you were a real person, not a dog. You just had so much to you. Never forget how special you truly are in our lives, wherever you are now. I hope we all get to see you again in the next realm, wherever that might be. 16 years was hardly enough time with you. You were our baby Billy boy. We will always remember you and keep you close to our hearts. Thank you for all of the memories and the great amount of time you gave to us, rest easy and wait for us. Until next time, Bill, goodbye.

Love, Lisa, Ben, Mom, and Dad.

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