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Charlie Martinez

charlie martinez

Charlie also known as “Char Char “or “Charlie Warlie “was our first love he came into our lives and showed us how to love. He watched us grow and we watched him grow unfortunately on December 8th 2022 our time with him has ended and it’s the most heartbreaking moment in our lives losing him. But we will never lose the love we have for him. We will miss the way he was always following us around, we will miss his smell, his cuddles, his snoring and most importantly his bark. Everything about him was perfect his paws, ears down to his fluffy fur. Charlie loved too sun bathe with his Bestfriend Thor, he loved ham, beef jerky, Mc Donald’s fries and belly rubs. He left his paw prints in our hearts forever. We say Charlie might be in just a small part of our lives but to Charlie, we were with him his whole life. None of this feels real we hope our beautiful furry angel baby will be waiting for us in heaven until we meet again. Charlie have fun in heaven jump and run on the clouds as your ears flap. We are hurting without you but promise we will love you always and forever . 

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  1. CandleImageI remember the first time I met Charlie he wanted to kill me , Another memory was him staring at me every time i would eat hoping i would drop something 🤣 im going to miss you little buddy R.I.P little Charlie

  2. CandleImageHey Charlie it’s me. I miss you a lot I know you know the times I did see you I would always spend time with you .❤️ You are an amazing dog. You mean a lot to everyone. I love you and have fun in doggy Heaven.

  3. CandleImageCharlie bought so much happiness to my nieces and nephews, and to many of our family my memory with him is when I became his godmother, Charlie I will always remember you always doing a drive by licking my legs at the parties lol this Sunday party was so different without you we love you Charlie love Tia Rosie ❤️

  4. CandleImageI remember the first time seeing you Charlie. You came in my life when we were supposed to only be watching you for a family member but I fell I love with you. You were so fluffy and small I begged mom to let me keep you. I slept with you every single night I will never forget the times I would leave the house and you would be waiting for me by the window. I will never forget you staring at me every single time I ate, or when I would hide in the house to see how long it took you to find me you would run around the whole house until you found me. When I would get mad at Ricky for hiding you in my laundry basket. The times I took you baths not as much as I should of but I will never forget all the times I did. When I was sad and you came and laid down on me for comfort. You play fighting with your best friend Thor. When I would sneak you into the living when I wasn’t supposed too. I’m going to miss the times you bark at every single knock on the door I took that for granted and now I will never here your little barks again. My first best friend my first baby. I can never forget you. I know you loved me and I hope you knew how much I loved you. I think about you every night 💔

  5. CandleImageCharlie you were a gift sent from god you came into our lives as a baby and when we were only children you grew up so fast before I could even become an adult you were already one .😪💔 But in my eyes you were still a baby I didn’t want to come to the facts that you were getting old I didn’t want to hear it. I’ll always remember you as a ball of joy so white and fluffy you never wanted to listen unless there was food involved 😂 but how could we ever resist saying no to those eyes. 🥺 You’d always run away from home so fast we had to chase you down the street half asleep so embarrassing😂 yet so memorable 😪💔 I miss your little waddle I miss your bark I miss giving you your baths every week even your very last one before god called on you 💔 our home we all grew up in together doesn’t feel like home without you 😪😪I love you Charlie thank you for loving all of us ❤️

  6. CandleImageDear Charlie baby. I miss you so much words or feelings can’t explain how hurt I am with you no longer here. God decided to call you too soon to heaven and bring you up with him and grandpa. My heart shattered into a million pieces that I can’t ever put back together. The day we found you I was so broken. I lost my other half. My bestfriend you have helped me through so much in life whether you knew it or not. You have helped me when I was at my lowest and have always been by my side. You just being there by my side, laying down with me helped me so much way more than you knew. I miss holding you, I miss hearing your barks all the time. I wish I could hear them one more time. A memory I would always hold a place in my heart was when. It was in the middle of the night and I was crawling to you. With my hair in-front of my face all of a sudden you just started attacking me. I remember screaming and you swinging by my hair😂. In the background I heard everyone laughing although it wasn’t funny then. I could now look back at it and realize how memorable and funny that memory was that memory would always hold a special place in my heart charlie warlie. I miss seeing your ears flopping while you were running you looked like a little bunny🥰.I miss you and your bestfriend thor playing. He would put his paw on you to hold you down and you wouldn’t back down you would end up getting out😂. You have left a hole in my heart no animal or person would be able to fill💔. You are so special to me and I love you so much and thank you for everything you did for me by just being by my side and you letting me cry on you😢. Although it’s been seven days. Not a day goes by where I don’t think about you and I will continue to always think about you❤️.You were my baby my first ever real dog you watched us grow old and we watched you grow old but unfortunately god called you💔.

  7. CandleImageCharlie wasn’t just a pet to all that knew him He was unique He touch my baby sister heart when the moment she said yes they can keep him From that moment He became part of the family with so much love and laughter He saw many things in that family Hell he cost me a lot when They all thought he was sick There I was driving around looking for a doctor for him when all he needed was to catch up on his sleep cause he was up a whole week with my nephew and nieces when they were off for the summer lol That’s something that I will never forget about him lol I don’t need to see to believe where he is I know he is in heaven with My Dad My sister Esther and my nephew Santiago and my nephew David and my dog Aaliyah it’s time that we all turned the page And let them enjoy the time with him until God calls each of us by our name and see him again He will never be for gotten as long as we keep him in our hearts Charlie I thank you for being so much joy and laughter to my nephews and nieces and my great nephews and nieces My you enjoy the new life that our Lord had promise us and die for us so we can have eternal life in heaven

    Love you always you little mutt

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