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Coco Chanel Gutierrez

coco gutierrez

Coco was a Christmas gift to me. The sweetest gift I could have ever asked for. Growing up, she was the youngest of three “fur” babies. The only female and spoiled rotten. But she was the sweetest Pomeranian you’ve ever met. She loved to play hide and seek with her brothers, TJ and Scooter. She’d wait inside by the doggy door and scare them as they’d run in. So cute! I’d never seen dogs play like that. She’d get so loud, barking in delight, frolicking in the yard!
From the first day she was brought home, TJ claimed her as his. It was love at first sight! I had trouble bonding with her, because he wouldn’t let me near her. He loved her soooo much! He’d showered her with so many kisses sometimes, her face and ears would be sopping wet. Every time he entered the room, he’d go kiss her first. Every time she’d go outside, he went with her -EVERY TIME! They were inseparable to the very end. He was so in love with her. Sometimes he would get on her nerves. She did have a temper! She was very vocal! My little Coco Puff!
Coco loved to get dressed up for Christmas, and hide underneath the Christmas tree (she was a Christmas gift, after all). This past Christmas she asked me to take pictures of her and she actually posed for me for quite a while. She let me take several pictures of her in her beautiful Christmas dress. Thinking back, it’s as if she knew it would be the last time.
I’d sometimes catch her looking at me, her Mama, with this look of complete love in he eyes. Brings tears to my eyes right now. I remember this look of complete happiness and joy as she sat there and waited for me to bring her the medicine and treat. She’d sit there and rock her little head from side to side with her tongue hanging out cause her front teeth were missing.
Coco definitely had a personality! She’d jump on TJ when he least expected it. She was always so playful!
Coco also loved going for rides in the “Scootermobile” every morning while TJ walked along beside her. She never really liked to walk. She was a diva like that, but that was ok with us all.
We will never forget you, my little girl! We love you so much and you brought us such joy! Our house has been so empty and quiet without you.
Coco is preceded in death by her older brother Scooter and is survived by her beloved companion and soulmate, TJ, her younger brother Kato and her human parents Richard and Olga Gutierrez.

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