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Daisy Marie Dog

daisy dog

Daisy Marie Dog(“D-dog” or “D”for short)AKC TR97992101

My beloved pup went to doggie heaven … I love you Daisy Marie Dog!You were my first fur baby (before skin babies) and you have been by my side for the last 11 and a half years! …I remember driving halfway to Dallas to pick you up! On the way home we stopped at Sonic for dinner and a potty break (in the little bit of grass they had) … You were 10 weeks old and only 1lb 7oz … You grew to 5lbs (bigger then my first skin baby of 4lbs 11oz!) … We we’re besties, I even ditched my husband (boyfriend at the time) many times for you when you needed me to take you to potty or just needed doggie cuddles … When dating my husband I also insisted we go to dog friendly restaurants so you could come along (11 years  ago there were only a handful of dog friendly restaurants to choose from and we found them all! I even snuck you into a few and only got caught once!)We went on many adventures together … car rides, airplane rides to CA, snow days in CO & TX, (you were even at my wedding!), camping, paddle boarding as my co-pilot, remolding, beach trips, carlines to pickup the kids, shopping (bc I could hide you in my purse), attending yappy hours and eating pup cups, playing with “Chewy” your best toy rabbit (not “Chewbacca” lol), and OUR favorite cuddling up in your blankie and sleeping …I miss you so dearly!! … I hung your collar on the Christmas tree so I could see it from wherever I was in the house and I’ll find a perfect spot for it in the house soon …Even though it has only been a few days I’m missing the sound of your paws on the wood floor, your little whine (asking if you could jump up in my lap or on the bed), your crazy barking at the sound of the doorbell or barking in the backyard at the squirrels, the sound of your collar clinking together … I miss you running to me and shaking bc someone squeaked their shoes on the floor (oh and when that darn fire alarm would go off accidentally!) …When I walk past my bedroom I miss seeing your ears sticking up out of your blankie to see if I’m coming in, or seeing you perched right on top of my pillow (probably with muddy paws!), I miss seeing you laying on the deck in the sun when I look out the patio window … I miss seeing your cute face and the way you would tilt your head from side to side when we would have a conversation, (we had a special language I taught you and when I would say certain words you knew what I was saying) …I miss the warmth of you sitting in my lap, your cold nose pushing my hand up to pet you and your wet stinky doggie kisses …I miss you greeting me at the door, running to the kitchen if you heard my keys rattling or the refrigerator open or heard me shredding cheese (I have no idea how you heard that but every time you came running!)…I’ll miss you following me everywhere when you saw me packing (you were waiting to see if I said you were going too) … I’ll miss you running to me & shaking when the next thunderstorm arrives …I miss your happiness to see everyone, especially me! I knew the time had come when your happiness faded quickly … I heard you … I would have done anything to give you your health back if I could have …I never knew there was a rainbow bridge where pets waited to see their owners again but be sure I’ll be running toward it as fast as I can when my day comes to see you again!!For now, when I lay in bed I’ll cuddle up in your blankie with “Chewy” by my side.Love you lots of wet doggie kisses!!Momma Kelly

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