Duke came into our lives in November of 2008 when it was just my husband and I. He immediately filled our hearts with pure love and joy. He was such a good and loyal dog who loved attention and belly rubs. We miss him terribly and will be forever be in our hearts. He blessed us with his presence for 12 years and 7 months. I wish we had him longer but God needed a new angel so it was time for him to go. We love you so much, Duke. We hope you are having so much fun in heaven.

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    • Thank you Jackie. He loved people around and enjoyed attention. He enjoyed the love and attention you all showed the last time you saw him.

    • Thank you teng. Makalungkut pin lalu na biglaan ing panga mate na. We didn’t have time to prepare but I think it’s for the best, kesa naman nung mag kasakit ya pa, makalunus nya sigurung akakit.

  1. I love you boy. Life is not going to be the same without you. I still have a full bag of treats for you. It’s so sad that you left us so suddenly. I’ll never understand why but I have to trust that it is your time to go. Run free and hope to see you again and we will never be separated again. I so miss you.

  2. Duke, I miss you opening my door in the morning. I love and miss you. I hope you are looking down on us from heaven.

  3. Hi boy, today is the first Saturday that you’re not here. My heart is longing for you. I wish you’re still here so I can hug and kiss you. I love you Duke. I miss our time together. I miss your goofiness, you always following me as soon as I’m up and when I’m in the backyard gardening, you have to be there as well. It’s so hard navigating life without you boy. But I know you’re now in heaven and having fun there with angels and other dogs. I will never ever forget you Duke. You will always be in my heart and I hope one day we will meet again so I can never be separated from you.

  4. Hi my boy, I’m still not used to you not being here. Every time I go somewhere I always worry about you being alone in the house. The girls and I went to dollar tree and Walmart today and I kept thinking about you. Especially when we passed the dog isles my heart sank. I miss you so much Duke. I love you, I always kiss you pic on my phone. God I wish you are still here with me.

  5. Hi Duke, today marks the 18th day you’ve been gone and not a single day I don’t miss you. I love you boy and thank you for all the wonderful times we spent together. You and I are always the ones that stayed up late, watching tv, playing hide and seek. O feel like you’re still around, I’m sure your spirit is still with us, watching over us. You will always be my number 1 boy. I miss you Duke and I hope you know you’re so much loved by everyone.

  6. Good morning boy, it’s been a month exactly today since you crossed the rainbow bridge. It still so painful to remember that day. I was so devastated and couldn’t believe that will be the last day I’ll ever see you. My heart is broken and I miss you everyday. I so wish we have more time together but I understand your time here on Earth is up. I really do hope and pray that you’re up there waiting for me until we will be joined in eternity. I love you Duke and you are the best dog, friend and companion. You were there for me through good times and bad, giving me unconditional love. I just wished you knew how much I love you and I’m sorry I know I could’ve been more present and attentive when you always wanted to play. I hope to see you in my dreams Duke. I so love and miss you sweet boy.

  7. Today is 5 weeks since you passed and my heart is still longing for you Duke. The pain is still here whenever I’m reminded that you’re no longer here. I love and miss you boy.

  8. Hi boy, this is week 6 and a day and not a day goes by that I don’t think of you. When I’m watching TV I sometimes look if you’re next to the couch under my feet, your favorite spot. We still have your bed and your toys up. We just can’t put it up just yet. I still have your nose smears on the front little window where you always watch people that walk by or when you wait for Dan to get home. I love you Duke and I miss you everyday. Life certainly is not the same without you boy. I hope you’re getting all the love and attention you deserve there in heaven. Until we meet again my sweet boy.

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