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Durango Khalfan

durango khalfan

We were blessed when Durango came into our lives October 8, 2012. His Momma instantly fell in love with him before she even met him. Durango was rescued from a Boxer organization on the brink of time. After Momma read his story, she immediately wanted to bring him home. I can still recall the day they met, there was an instant loving connection. His Momma was so happy to bring him home. He was breathing heavily with his nub (tail) wagging rapidly in excitement. Bella and I could not wait to meet him too. He had this charisma that drew everyone to him. He loved cuddling with his Momma, Bella, and Papa in bed. Even though he weighed seventy pounds, Durango wanted to be a lap dog. If it were up to him, he would be lying down on Momma all the time. He loved going on walks, playing with Bella, getting treats, and getting lots of hugs. Everyone loved being around him, they all drew to his charm and pleasantness. He had a unique smell to him unlike any other dog, which earned him plenty of bath-time. But now, we struggle to put his bed away because we miss his smell. While waiting for his unborn sister, Durango showed us how much he loved his Momma by always protecting her by her side. That protection translated into his little sisters’ guardian. He was very loving and protective of his little sisters. We could not ask for a more pleasant gentle soul than Durango. He loved when his sisters laid on him, when they sang to him, when they brought him snacks, when they played with him, and when they laid blankets on him. Durango, you were there for so many of your Momma and Papa’s life moments, and you will eternally be a part of our history and who we are. I wish we had more time, but the time we had was amazing. We were so blessed to love, care, and nurture you till the moment you went to heaven. We miss you so much, and your whole family will love you forever.

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