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Gadget Duncan

gadget duncan

Gadget has always been a special friend, ever since he came to us as a puppy. He’s always been a bit goofy, and we believe he was part pig based on both the noises he makes while sniffing for food, and his special fondness for an oinking pig toy. He loved to be scratched, but no matter where we started scratching him, he would always turn his body so that we were scratching his butt. That was weird. He also liked to be a bad boy by chewing up paper and bags with candy in rebellion while we were out. He’s leaving behind his frenemy Kairi, a cat that acts like she doesn’t care about him, yet is always ecstatic when he comes home from long trips. Our home feels so empty without his sounds, whether it’s him dreaming in the other room, or just clacking his nails down the hallway. He lost a lot of his senses (sight, smell, hearing) in recent years, but he never seemed to lose his spirit and energy. Your parents will miss you very much, and we hope wherever you are, you’re happy.

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