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General Mata

general mata

My best friend came into my life on Mother’s Day, 1998. As any 15 year old, I was asleep into the late morning on a Sunday. As I slept, I felt a cold nose on my cheek. Then a lick. Before I knew it, the smell of puppy breath was right in my face. I open my eyes, and a ball of fur with a little black nose was sitting on my bed staring back at me. From that moment, I was hooked. My sister says she was also asleep, and woke up to the sound of a puppy crying for help. She went outside and found him, caught in the fence. She helped him out of his predicament and brought him inside my room. And the rest is history.

After some convincing of the parents, though very little was needed, General became the newest member of our family. And his presence was felt, right away. As a puppy, General craved love and attention from his new family. As well as any guests that came over for a visit. His happy demeanor was as genuine as the energy he lived his life with. Running from room to room, and even out the front or back door when the opportunity presented itself, was one of the things he enjoyed. Along with curling up for a nap right on my hip as we sat on the couch or lay in bed for the night. As General grew, his love for his family grew, too. He became my faithful companion, protector, sidekick, and shadow. As well as a constant companion to my father, who didn’t always want the company of a furry friend. But General was there, anyway. General also shared his life with “big sister” Chiquita for many years before the arrival of “little sister” Molly. And this trio loved each other, as well as their human family, with no exception. Even when General’s living space became smaller, from a big backyard, to a small backyard, to an EVEN smaller backyard, and then an apartment, General was always a trooper. And always too cute to be mad at.

My best friend, General, passed away right around Noon, June 5, 2010. He was cremated June 7, 2010. He was a beautiful, loving creature that was more human than dog at some times. He loved me and I could feel that, even though he couldn’t say the words. And he loved my family just as much. No other of god’s creatures makes you the center of it’s existence like your faithful dog. And General lived up to, and surpassed, that expectation. And although we find solace that my friend is no longer in pain, we are left here, on this side, broken hearted. And that’s the sure tell sign that an amazing life has left this world. General, I don’t know where you came from, but thank you for loving me. For loving my family. For protecting me. For following me around. For comforting me in my times of need like only you could. Thank you, little brother. “I love you” will never be enough to express how I feel. And the void you’ve let in this house, in our minds, and in our hearts can never be filled.

We love you, boy.

“General” 1998-2010

Funeral Home:
All Paws Great and Small Crematory
5611 E. Houston St.
San Antonio, TX
US 78220

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