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Gidget Everhart

gidget everhart

At the age of 14 years Gidget passed peacefully in the arms of her human on Friday, March 6, 2020. Gidget was born in San Antonio, Texas on Thursday, February 9, 2006.

After losing my beloved Tuffy, a Chihuahua/Lhasa Apso mix, I knew that I wanted my next dog to be a purebred Lhasa Apso. Tuffy was a loving little dog and my first introduction to the Lhasa Apso breed. When I found you at eight weeks old, my sweet blue-eyed black ball of fur, I knew you were perfect for me. But still grieving the loss of Tuffy, I wasn’t fair to you by keeping you at a distance from my heart. Nonetheless, your persistent, unconditional love drew me closer to you each day and before long, you owned me.

The day I brought you home I introduced you to Buddy, a stuffed brown bear that was slightly bigger than you. When you loved the stuffing out of Buddy, I gave you Buddy No. 2. It took a bit more time, but you chewed the stuffing out of him too. So, I waited a couple of years, and bought Buddy No. 3. You loved the stuffing out of him too. I waited a few more years and for your thirteenth birthday, I gave you Buddy No. 4. You sniffed him as if to determine if he was really Buddy. As you nuzzled his soft fur I knew Buddy had passed the test. Right away you began sleeping beside him and propping your head against his plump, soft body. As the days grew harder for you in fighting against the pain, I was glad I had given you Buddy No. 4. He was your cuddle buddy both day and night.

Even as a senior at 13 years, you were filled with boundless energy. Nevertheless, things changed in November of 2018 when cancerous mammary tumors began slowly ridding you of your vitality and ability to make the long walks you loved. I thought the major surgery you endured in October of 2019 would help. For a while, it did. You were so changed after the surgery we wondered who this new dog was. You ran through the house with new found exuberance, bringing me a toy you wanted me to throw. In so many ways, and for 13 years, you did not age like some dogs do.

You taught me how much fun life can be when you pour your whole self into the moment. And, that life is meant to be shared. You were delighted to greet everyone who visited, thinking that all who walked into our home were there to take you on a walk. My funny, funny girl. When anything was out of place in your world, you barked. If you were hungry, you stood patiently beside your empty dish, waiting for dinner (or a midday snack) to be served. Or, you would sit and stare at the wall where your leash hung, wanting to go for a walk. If I failed to notice your subtlety, you barked incessantly until I got the message.

Sadly, by December the cancerous tumors came back with a vengeance, making life for you unbearable at times, especially in your last few weeks on earth.

I thank God for bringing you into my life. You were the lap dog I never knew I needed. When I was sick, you lay in my lap offering me peace and solace. When you were sick, I stroked your long black hair, bringing comfort and calm to us both.

Now that you are finally at eternal rest, I can see you walking in the parks of heaven to your heart’s content and running with Tuffy through heaven’s lush meadows. Know that you are not forgotten. Nikki, your Yorkie sister misses you. Thelma, Michele and Norma all miss you, too. Farewell for now our sweet angel.

A private service with the spreading of Gidget’s ashes will be held at a later date.

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