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Hermione "Minie" Serafin

hermione serafin

Her Spell
My beloved hound, I named her Hermione, she had been my best friend for the longest time. She ever so comforted me when I had lost my brother to this cruel world and that had changed my perspective, but I could not grieve for him. Now the darkness I try to escape by trying to bring the light into this rotten place comes towards me and blackens my ever beating and over loving heart. Exposing my core for the hellish blade in the form of her decline and her sudden death, I pulled her closer when she didn’t want me to see her in her sick state of living. I didn’t want to believe that she could die so soon, all my years of forming from the light and dark. she was my light and her antics brought me joy, but in my youth I had lost, now in my approaching adulthood, I must lose once more, maybe she wanted to teach me a bitter lesson. This time I can mourn and grieve. Nothing can change what happened, but I can choose how to go through loss again, I won’t hold it in. I was scared and I didn’t know how to comprehend the end of a beautiful life, I won’t proclaim that I can understand, I still have much to learn from the world. I had told her to rise like a phoenix, I can take this trait and I will rise again in a fiery spirit, when my mind and heart heal, I hope I can try again one day with a new puppy, a phoenix.

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