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Jonathan Perillo

jonathan perillo

Jonathan Perillo was born April 15th, 2003. We chose that day as his birthday since he was rescued from behind a wall at Ventana Apartments. He was about 5 weeks old. Another ‘wall cat’ saved by Sarah. As soon as we saw his little face, we knew he belonged to us! Grandad couldn’t believe Sarah brought home yet another creature, but soon Jonathan was loved by the whole family. Mikaela named him Jonathan. Of course he had many nicknames…Jon, Jonny, Jon Jon, Jonny Bonny, Long Jon, Baby Boy, Bubba, Jonny Roastbeef, Bisquit Boy, Fat Jon, Catdog.

When we lived at Dabby and Grandad’s, Jonathan was still little and soon became best of friends with Ivan, Shu, Francis and Claire. Ivan actually started to play and move around! Francis loved him, but Claire and Shu didn’t want much to do with him. But that didn’t stop Jonathan! He ‘ran with the dogs’! He loved to play with them acted more like a dog than a cat at times. He greated us at the door, came when called, just like a dog. His favorite food…spaghetti! Yes, he was definelty an Italian cat! We couldn’t believe how this cat could eat pasta! He loved to watch Grandad wind the clocks too. Jonny would be right there every time it was clock time. Of course like most cats, he loved to climb. He was famous for climbing on top of this high shelf in the living room. His first Christmas was spent in the Chrsitmas tree! He climbed it every day, luckily we made paper ornaments that year!

When Sarah, Bethany and Mikaela moved to a new apartment Jonathan came along. He was alone for about a month when a new furry sister came along. Another kitty rescued from yet another apartment, Sweetie. At first we thought they were going to kill each other, but they soon became friends. Jonny loved everyone! He was very social. He started getting more and more fluffy. Everytime someone saw him, they said ‘What a fat cat’! Yes, Jonny loved to eat. So much that if his bowl was empty, he would bite Sarah’s toes. Usually in the middle of the night. Jonny even loved our little hampster, Rufus. Jonathan loved to watch him in his wheel or ball. He never tried to catch him. He even sniffed him softly as we held Rufus in our hand.

Unfortunately Jon was diagnosed with diabetes and had to be put on a diet, eat special food and have insulin injections twice a day. It was hard at first, but it soon became the routine and Jonny never got upset. He was up to 20 pounds for a while and we thought he would never loose weight, but he did!

A new ‘nephew’ came into our home in January 2006. Bethany’s pug Stewie. Jonathan was so happy! He loved this new puppy. These two spent a lot of time together, playing and even grooming each other. They were inseparable.

Sarah, Bethany and Mikaela moved in with Amy and Mark into a house. This union increased our furry friends by 2; Joey and Bailey, Amy and Mark’s cat and dog. Joey wasn’t too interested in Jonathan, but Bailey liked him. Unfortunatley, the day after we moved in, Jonathan wasn’t breathing and had to be rushed to the animal hospital. He had suffered congestive heart failure and was diagnosed with Cardiomyopathy. This was devestating to us all. We were so scared we would loose our baby. He spent 2 days in the hospital with oxygen and other treatments. Thank God he pulled through. He would would be on medicine for the rest of his life. He was prescribed 3 heart medicines that needed to be given 3 times per day. Sarah and Amy shared this task to make sure he got all his medicine. We knew we may not have much time left with our baby boy, and we diligently took care of all his needs.

He passed away at home on September 13, 2006. Bailey was with him and took care of him until Amy arrived home to discover the unbearable news. We are so thankful for Bailey who was with Jon when he passed.

This has been so hard to accept. Only a little over 3 years old, Jonathan was the best cat anyone could ever ask for. The bond we had with Jonathan was strong. Always wanting to ‘help’ and be involved in what was going on. He greeted us at the door when we came home. At night he always jumped on Sarah’s bed and made bisquits. His favorite blanket was a pink Barbie blanket of Mikaela’s. He loved to lie on his back too. He even allowed Bethany and Mikaela to dress him up in various costumes and feather boas. He didn’t mind and sat patiently while they posed him and took pictures. He always came when called and even enjoyed getting his medicine hidden in a cat treat. Thank goodness for Whisker Lickins! He was a brave and courageous cat! He spent his last few days with his family, sitting in the window box and playing with his family, furry ones included!

Our Jonathan will be terribly missed by the entire Perillo family. A piece of our heart has been taken away. We know he is in heaven with Uncle Mark and our furry friends, Ginger, Fuzzy, Velvet, Joey I, Angel, Chaz and Checkers. Mikaela says they are ‘Making bisquits in the clouds.’

We want to say a special thanks to Dr. Vara and the staff of Banfield and Dr. Hinkle and the staff of Huebner Oaks Veterinary Hospital. You took wonderful care of our baby and we will always remember you and your dedication to our Jonathan. Jonathan we will never forget you! You made a special place in our hearts and you will be missed forever. Thank you for letting us love you and take care of you! Because you took care of us. Love never dies and Jonathan will always make our hearts happy! We love you Baby Boy! Mommy Sarah, Bethany, Mikalea, Sweetie, Stewie and the rest of your family and furry friends.

Funeral Home:
All Paws Great and Small Crematory
5611 E. Houston St.
San Antonio, TX
US 78220

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