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Lexi Casanova

lexi casanova


Where can I start with Lexi our beautiful border collie, she came into our home as a new edition to our little family.
Lexi was so precious to us as she was our protector, our playmate a great friend a loyal companion and especially a great listener, she was truly a rock to our family. We are truly blessed to have had Lexi in our lives as she brought so much joy to our home.
She had this thing where when I talked to her she would wink at me with her eye as if she knew what I was saying.
She would do this thing where she covered her eye like she was playing peekaboo or she didn’t want to see what you were showing her.
She was avas best friend and pretty much her little furry sister, she had her own dog bed but always had comfort in sleeping with ava in a little ball next the the stuffed animals it was comforting for ava.
I’m truly going to miss those morning kisses on my leg because she knew it was time to start the day. I’d ask do you want to go outside and she would stand at the top of the stairs and look back like are you coming mom.
The adventures of Lexi Is what those days were called because it was always an adventure with her.
Lexi got a taste of being walked to the park occasionally and that was enough to show her what freedom felt like and from that point on she was determined to get to freedom daily. She loved chasing birds, butterfly’s, cats, the neighbor’s dogs pretty much any animal that was passing thru the back yard.
We would come home and her little body would doing the funny dance like a happy wiggle, her dad would get that wiggle the most because he had a way of talking to her like a baby and she loved it so much she would do this little whimper like she was excited to see him after a long day that love right there was so unconditional she loved her daddy.
Cooking dinner won’t be the same without Lexi patiently waiting in the kitchen for some food to fall off the stove top so she can swoop in and eat it. I can proudly say she was the only one who loved my cooking and that’s ok with me.
We can laugh and cry now at these memories but at the time ava was sad lexi ate all the nuggets. Lexi once ate 10 chicken nuggets in 30 seconds the exact amount of time it took ava to place her McDonalds on the table and turn around to make she closed the car door.
We all bonded with lexi in our our way, as every other weekend approached and I found myself comforted with lexi wanting to hang out with me sleep on my bed and hang out on the couch for lazy weekends but I always knew it was time for some outdoor adventures of lexi when she would lay down and have her puppy dog face on and sigh that was her way of saying she was bored.
I swear she had this happy jump like she was jumping a hurdle it was funny to see how happy she was at moment in time.

Losing Lexi hurts so much, we are finding comfort in keeping her memory alive and reminiscing on her adventurous life. We love you Lexi and will never forget you I promise.

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