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Liam Carrasco

liam carrasco

Liam is my first real pet I took care of since he was a kitten 🐾  he was part of my everyday life routine. He would talk to me a lot he would love to follow me and rubbing on me 😻 when I stop moving also believe it or not he still would suck on my thumb for since he was a baby and he’s a big boy now. He looked just his mama Bella and so I got him cremated and take him everywhere with me now. But I feel like I lost a child 💔 my heart hurts I can’t stand being without him but I rather him being in peace then hurting but just want him to know I’m sorry I wasn’t there to hold him or to help till the end and I love him with all my heart and I would do it again if I could see my baby to give him a kiss and a hug goodbye and be holding him. GOODBYE MY LOVE YOU WERE MY FRIEND  MY ONE TRUE PET I COULD SAY I TRIED TO BE THERE TO THE END BUT IN THE END I STILL GOT YOU WITH ME AND TELL THE FAMILY WE SAID “WE LOVE Y’ALL & CANT WAIT TO SEE Y’ALL SOON PEACE”. rip_OSCAR rip_BOOGIE rip_DUCKY rip_BELLA rip_OREO rip_PAPASMURF rip_LIAM The Carrasco Family will miss you

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  1. Rip Liam 😢❤️ I’m sorry you were taken from us to soon .I miss u Liam as much as u made me upset you were our Liam… and no matter what I would do I did love u ,u were my 2nd cat besides your dad really in my entire life and you were just like him loving and you were a really good cat from a lot of cats I’ve seen there will never be another Liam .I’m sorry I never paid attention to you as much as you wanted but I did it for reasons of my own but I did love u and always will remember u Liam the way u jumped out n grab our legs in the dark and scared us half to death or the way u would meow until u got ur way lol or jumped in the window that one always scared me and I won’t forget the way u n your sister hops would pop out from under the bed n grab my hair when I would brush it or dry it or how yah wouldn’t stop chasing each other around the entire room alllll through the night 😢 just running all over us will see you again one day Liam u were such a good cat I know your in heaven with all the other good animals I love u Liam rest in peace

  2. CandleImageLiam was like a brother but to see him pass really hurts 💔 I’ve been there since he was a little baby till now and seeing him grow was a blessing ❤ I would come back home and see him sleeping on my bed or when he didn’t wanna be out he would be in my room with me and chill he would go on my bed and fall asleep with me and he’ll wake up and start to rub on me until I pet him back to sleep thats the time i will never forget i unlocked so many memories with him❤ i just wish I can see you for the last time 😔 its been a good journey…
    R.I.P Liam🕊 LOVE YOU❤

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