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Lili Balusek

lili balusek

Lili, you were my little princess and baby girl.  You made life exciting having to explain that you were a Havahuahua (50% Havanese + 50% long haired Chihuahua).  For a dog barely over seven pounds you exhibited so much energy and enthusiasm.  You were a spitfire that ruled everyone in the house.  Your older brother MacGyver loves and misses you.  You were inseparable for 14 years.  Four years ago your baby brother Liam entered our family and you immediately put him in his place.  Before he arrived you only barked when someone rang the doorbell.  Because of Liam’s bad example you finally found your bark.  And, boy, it was spectacular for such a tiny girl.  It was high, shrill and very loud.  I guess you just wanted to make sure you had the final word.  I loved you so much and I still watch where I walk so I don’t step on you.  You will be in my heart for the rest of life.  Thank you for allowing me to rescue because you rescued me in return.

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    • Thanks Kathy. You knew and loved Lili for all of her 14 years and she enjoyed your company. Than you for remembering her.

  1. CandleImageWhat a sweet little girl. You will be so missed. Many loved you in the villas. Miss Tillie will miss you

    • Thank you Curtis and Miss Tillie. Lili always enjoyed her walks around the Villas keeping an eye on everything that was happening. She loved Miss Tillie and Miss Daisy.

  2. CandleImageLili was a cutie! As long as I knew her she was very shy and wouldn’t give me the time of day. But as soon as Liam showed up, she started warming up to me. She will be missed.

    • Thank you Kellie. Lili eventually got comfortable with you and appreciated you coming around to visit. She was a special, tiny little girl who once was terribly abused. But, once she was rescued she slowly began to blossom. I appreciate your kind words.

  3. You had Lili for 14 incredible years. How blessed you were! And how wonderful that the four of you, yes dear Liam and MacGyver too, came to be a perfect little family. It hurts kid, but we stand with you. Always!

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