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Little Jack Dandy

little jack dandy

He came to us in early September of 2001. Born of a stray in a neighbor’s yard four months earlier, he was on his own and struggling. Homeless, hungry and injured, he sought refuge under our deck. He was a weak, scrawny, orange kitty with a crooked tail and a seeping wound on his left hip that made him limp. Offering food and water, we had to earn his trust before we could approach. As it happened, he approached first.

The claw wound on his hip had abscessed all the way to the bone and would require surgery to heal. But heal it did and Little Jack grew strong and confident, thriving in the environment of his big back yard. His name came from his big jackrabbit-like feet. He knew his name and always answered when called. Never having had a son, Mommy called him her ‘only little boy’. Thickly coated orange & white with green eyes, he was beautiful. A brave little lion cat.

Every day was an adventure for him. He embraced life! Chasing leaves, butterflies, lizards, an occasional mouse or garden snake or anything else that caught his eye. He never killed what he caught – for him the chase was everything! He reigned over his domain. A patient little boy, he didn’t meow to be let inside or out. Rather, he would sit by the door and wait; Mommy or Daddy would come by soon and see him. While waiting to go out, he’d likely separate the blinds with his paws for a look. He loved his yard.

He batted at our newspapers to say, ‘Don’t you see that I’m here? Pet me, please.’ And he loved to talk to us while we stroked him. He and Daddy shared the recliner in the evening and he slept beside Mommy every night. He was such an affectionate little boy and our hearts ache for him.

We take comfort in knowing that his short life with us was happy and that he knew he had a home where he was loved. Mommy and Daddy miss you so very much, little boy. You’ll live in our hearts forever, never to be forgotten. Our Little Jack.

Funeral Home:
All Paws Great and Small Crematory
5611 E. Houston St.
San Antonio, TX
US 78220

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