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Lucy Bellinger

lucy bellinger

Lucy is quite a rarity: she is a sassy gal who knew exactly what she wanted in life & how to get it; be it by using her assertive high-pitched bark to get you movin’, or her stealth-mode sneakiness to steal the most random things for her own chewin’ pleasure. We have always felt Lucy found us on that mid-December day, & not the other way around – her big ears, hump nose, & awkwardly long tongue made her cuteness hard to resist. She’ll always be remembered for all the selfless love & soft comforting she gave, as a fierce protector of her family & a leader amongst her pack (even her 75 lbs pitbull nephew). Before Congestive heart failure & Cushing’s disease stole her physical strength, her favorite thing was to zoom & zoom excitedly around in circles at our feet when we arrived home, then shoot off like a bullet; runnin’ so rapid-fire fast our eyes could barely keep focused on her blurred outline. Tho our hearts will forever long for her warm, bed-hoggin’ snuggles & overzealous, spontaneous kisses, we do our best to focus our heavy hearts on the vision of her sweet spirit swiftly runnin’ pain-free, for always.
Lucy, we love & miss you so much – thank you for choosin’ to share your entire life with us.

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