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Luna Deleon

luna deleon

My Tribute to Luna, February 2019
Luna – born October 2000 and passed to Heaven January 15, 2019. I picked up my baby girl December 2000, just 6-weeks old. A good sized small dog, around 21 pounds most of her life, color of white and mixture of poodle and Chihuahua.

She was one of three born in the litter and the other two are still alive and kicking, one with my mom and the only male with my sister. The father lived to a good age of 20 years, before passing a few years ago. Luna had a playmate for about 10 years, Mr. Max a small Chihuahua mix that passed October 2010. The last 8+ years it was Luna and I, making each day count. Year after year, we had each other and only each other – she was
my rock, my stability and my guardian angel – she made each day complete with her unconditional love. As I look back, I don’t know where the years went as she just kept going. It was fun playing ball as she would jump around on the couch trying to keep the ball away from me – giving me a friendly growl. Until last year, we would go for walks, sometimes twice a day. Recently, it was more rides around the lake and visits with mom and her dogs – she
was a bundle of joy and had so much energy. Luna would get excited, wag her tail and run around like crazy before our rides. She ate well – usually chicken, and other good stuff, and IAMS – she had a great appetite. My mom would often tell me that Luna ate better than she did. Luna would wake every morning and stretch on the carpet, rubbing her belly on it – then run outside for her morning business. She often often rubbed her face in the
grass, usually coming up with mud. She slept with me, across the bed, using most of it, leaving me a little space – I never minded as I always felt safe. We slept back to back – she always wanted to make sure she could feel me I guess, and would nestle with the sheets, chewing on them before she was asleep. Late last year she started to wind down and went into renal failure – I was there every day for her the last month and did all I could to keep her
going and comfortable. At our last visit the doctor told me her condition had worsened and I would have to make a difficult decision at some point. I waited for her to give me a sign, and there were several on that Tuesday morning. I held her the last 2 1⁄2 hours in my arms and she passed to Heaven in my arms. She went peacefully and I had my
family with me as we comforted her and each other. I was blessed to have had my Luna girl with me for 18 years and thank God for that. I miss her beyond words and will cherish the memories – I will see her again when it’s my time. Thank you my Luna girl for all your love and making me a better person. Until we meet again– LOVE YOU.

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