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Maverick Kobe Bermea Rosario Morlett

maverick kobe bermea rosario morlett
He was a California dog who made his way to Texas and was gifted to us on may 8th at the prime young age of six months old. We were all excited to welcome our new addition, we went from two dogs to three that day. He was mischievous when we first got him, getting into things he had no business getting into. One night a Texas storm came rolling through and that’s when we found out he was scared of thunder, often hiding in the shower, the closet, under the table or any place he could squeeze his behind in. He got along well with our 2 other dogs one being a small chihuahua named Mia and the other being a pitbull aswell named Mersaydes. He would always let Mia pin him down and tug on his ear as if she was the bigger dog and we all found that to be the cutest. He was very protective over his loving family. He often loved car rides always being right there next to his momma and dad. No matter where the family went they brought him with them. He was loved by many. He was such a delightful dog when around his family. Outside that guard dog show he was a loving sweetheart. He was a very big mommas boy always at her side no matter what. He was a Goofball always making us laugh whether that be by rolling around or making goofy faces no matter what it was never a dull moment with him. He was always there for us during the hard times in life always making sure to give us the emotional support we needed and in return we gave him the same treatment. If he was sick his mom was there by his side or his sister, brother, or dad. No matter what we made sure to be there for him. He always loved to play with his favorite toys one being a horse the other a giant tennis ball and a little giraffe gifted to him by his sister. In his last month his sister Sami picked out a plush blue blanket with dinosaurs that he absolutely adored. If he was in his kennel he had it with him, if he was out and about he brought it with him. He truly was the best dog any family could ever ask for.
We will always love you Maverick, Mav Mav, Bubbz, Big Head, Güero (white boy in spanish.)
You truly left your mark on all of us, we will never forget our memories with you.

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