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Mia Noboa

mia noboa

Mia crossed the rainbow bridge on the 11th of January 2024, surrounded by her parents who she loved the most. Seven years ago she popped up on a Craigslist post. She was a present for her daddy’s birthday and he fell in love with her as soon as he held her tiny body in his arms. She was the sweetest girl and was able to change the mind of many people who believed the Pitbull stereotype. She loved and adored any and every person or pet she came across. Every time we walked through our door she was ready to greet us, taking the bad day and problems away. She loved to tug on her rope, play catch with her ball and getting her booty scratched & rubbed. I swore she was a kitty cat in her previous life because she would rub on our legs like a cat when she wanted attention. She also had a mischievous side like stealing her dad’s underwear and swiping food from her baby brothers plate. She will always be remembered through her parents Yisell and Justin and her brothers Aiden and Messiah. I will never forget her sassy bark when she wanted more treats or her trying to lay on our lap as if she didn’t weigh 55 lbs. Our soul pup was taken way too soon and it’s been so hard adjusting to this huge void in our now broken home. We miss her and will continue to miss her every single day. 

Dad loves you. I will never forget the times I was sick and you stood by my side the whole time, the kisses you gave me when I was feeling down. You knew when no one else did. I will never forget the pure joy and love I felt coming home to you or the barks in my face when you wanted some love. Thank you for showing me how to love and to be responsible. Forever in my heart. 


My sweet Mia run free my girl, you did so much more for us than what we could ever do for you. Until we meet again. Thank you letting me be your person. Xoxoxo 


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  1. CandleImageMia, the prettiest girl. You were so shy and sweet. I loved giving you belly rubs and you laying next to me on the couch. I loved your kisses and playing with you. You were an amazing dog to Chelly, Justin, Aiden and Messiah. You will always be in my heart. Rest easy.

    Titi Bianca <3

  2. CandleImagerest in paradise beautiful mimi, we love and miss you so much. thank you for all of the laughs, the cries, the barks and the kisses. thank you for choosing us and giving us the best memories. you will always be cherished and loved sweet girl🫂🩷🐶 mimi forever!

  3. CandleImageMessage: Mia I will miss you forever. You changed my life the very first day I met you. And more as I got to get your kisses and hugs. I’ve been so sad since you crossed the rainbow bridge but it makes me happy to think all you are doing now. Playing with other dogs. Chasing kitties and bunnies and squirrels and butterflies. I hope you’ve met max and bear. You and max will have so much fun. I love you sweet baby girl and thank you for coming into my life and showing me that all breeds are pure love and a gift to us. Love you💕🐾🐾

  4. CandleImageMia my pretty girl, thank you for taking care of Justin, Chelly, Aiden and Messiah and for bringing happiness and fun to their lives and ours. You will always be in our hearts and minds. I pray you are paw-tying and living your best life. Woof-it up, Mia! 💋♥️🦮🦴🎾 Love Granny Monie

  5. CandleImageHey my mimi girl, I miss you terribly, it feels like there’s a hole in my heart that only you could fill. I swore I heard you drinking water the other day…. I guess my mind playing tricks on me. All your things are here, right where you left them. Just waiting for you to return. It’s also been thundering lately and I wake up in a panic to get you your anxiety medication and your thunder vest. I know I should be grateful that you aren’t suffering anymore but I’m not, I’m angry, and sad and just bitter. It’s not fair. I Just wish you were here with me, where you belong. I’m so sorry my girl , I’m sorry I couldn’t save you. I love you , forever & every day.

  6. CandleImageEverything is exactly where you left it, hoping one day you’ll come back to cuddle or play. Your bed catching dust, medication, unopened. I catch myself trying to find you in messiah, I catch myself looking for puppies who look just like you at the shelter knowing damn well I will resent them when they are in my home and can’t fill the empty spot in my heart that you left. I miss your sassy bark when you want something, or when you would rub yourself against me like a kitty cat. I wake up in a panic when it’s thundering so I can go give you your anxiety meds and check on you since I know how much you hated it when it stormed. I feel so guilty for having to make the decision to let you go even though I knew it was time. I hate that I was robbed so many years of spending time together.

    I miss you and hope your doing okay

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