My sweet baby girl Mia left us on May 18, 2019 at 9:00 pm. She was so beautiful, playful and always happy. She was 15 years and eight months old. Even though she was older, that didn’t stop her from playing with her two sisters and fighting over her toys. She was very active. A month ago she was diagnosed with anal gland cancer on her right sac. Daily I saw her deteriorating and my heart was breaking. She is not suffering anymore. She was my baby and I love her so much. She was born on August 21, 2003 and passed on May 18, 2019. This has been so painful for me. May she Rest In Peace. I miss her so much. The attached picture is how she looked at time of death.

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  1. Mia my beautiful blond little girl I miss you so much. You’re in my heart every single moment. Love Mommy

  2. Mia My beautiful baby girl how I miss you. It’s been a week since I last held you in my arms. I miss your little kisses. Even tho I miss you so much I’m happy you’re no longer in pain and suffering. May you Rest In Peace my little baby girl. Loving and missing you. Mommy Norma

  3. Mia I remember that day when I was laid out in bed after my surgery and I saw this cute little ball of fur with a diaper on. You were so cute and turned out to be a beautiful loving sweet companion for mom. I miss seeing you and I miss seeing you fighting with Kasha. She loved to play with you and I know she misses you, especially Olivia. We all miss you and will never forget you sweet girl. Rest now and say hi to my baby Rage for me

  4. My sweet little girl how I miss you. I forget you’re no longer with me and keep looking for you in your bed. Or I keep thinking I have to get up to fix your hot cereal and cottage cheese. It’s been Two weeks since I last held you in my arms. May you Rest In Peace my sweet baby girl. Love you Mommy

  5. Mia my beautiful little girl. How I miss you. It’s been three weeks since I held you in my arms. May you Rest In Peace my little angel. Love Mommy

  6. Mia I’ve been thinking of you today. I look down at your little bed and wish you were still sleeping there. My sweet loyal baby I miss you so. Rest in Peace little girl! Mommy

  7. Mia my sweet little girl. I wrote you on the 18th of June and don’t see where it went. That was one month since I last held you in my arms. I’m still hurting so much. I just wish I could see you one more time. I know you were in pain little one but I still wanted you to be here with me. How selfish of me. My little girl so sweet and strong. How funny you were when I tried to help you and you wouldn’t let me. Rest in Peace beautiful blond angel. Love mommy

  8. My beautiful blond little girl. How I miss you! It’s almost two months since I held you in my arms. You’re not suffering anymore and that’s what helps me through theses painful times. I can still see your beautiful face looking at me. Miss you my little girl!

  9. My Mia beautiful little girl, little daughter, my special little angel who listened so patiently to all my problems and just licked my hand to console me. How I miss you. Wish you were here so I could squeeze you and tell you how I you. May your suffering be over and May Jesus bless you always. Love you Mommy

  10. Mia my beautiful little girl This is the second post for you sweet girl. They’re not posting. Today is three months since I last held you in my arms. How I miss you my baby girl. It’s so painful not seeing you. I know you will be waiting for me at Heavens Door and that makes me happy. Until then May you Rest In Peace my sweet little daughter. Mommy Norma 8/18/19.

  11. Dear Mia It’s been four months since I last held you in my arms. It’s been so painful not seeing you. I know it was best to not see you suffer but my heart is so broken up because I had to make this dreadful decision and I hope you forgive me. Be waiting at Heaven’s gateway so I can pick you up and give you lots of kisses. My beautiful blond little girl. There will never ever be another pup to replace. You were my pretty baby girl and always will be until we meet again. May you Rest In Peace my Mia. Love Mommy

  12. Mia my little girl how I miss you. My sweet lovable companion. My life feels so empty without your presence in my heart. They tell me to get another doggie but my heart is still so broken. I don’t ever ever want to feel this pain again. Today is Oct 19. Five months and 1 day after your passing. I still can’t talk about you because there’s so much pain in my heart. I wish I could hold you in my arms one more time and tell you how much you’re missed. For now my sweet angel may you RIP. LOVE your mommy.

  13. Dear Mia It’s been six months since I last held you in my arms. There isn’t a day I don’t think of you and do my crying. I miss you so much. I know you were very ill and suffering but I still wanted to hang on to you. How selfish I was I still feel like I should have waited longer forgetting how you were suffering. You are always in my heart beautiful little girl. I know and believe you will be waiting for me when I entered the kingdom of Heaven. Looking up at me waiting to be hugged and loved. May you Rest In Peace Mia

  14. Hi beautiful blond baby girl. I didn’t forget about you. Too much going on including your aunt Veronica’s surgery. I’ve been very busy attending to her and your nephew Jon. This month on the 18th marked seven months since I last held you in my arms. This is still so painful in my heart to know I will not see you again. I see lots of puppies that look like you but it’s not YOU! I’m so sorry I didn’t take better care of you. I didn’t realize how sick you were. Or maybe in my heart I didn’t want to believe. You are at peace now. I miss you always by my feet. During Christmas you were always on top of the tree cover before putting on tree. I miss and love you so much. Merry Christmas my sweet baby girl. Love from Mommy. Remember you’re to wait for me at the door way from Heaven. Love Mommy Norma

  15. My Precious little baby girl It’s been eight months since I last held you in my arms. I’ve seen a few furry doggies like you and I feel the pain piercing my heart all over again. You will always be in my heart and I will never ever forget how lovable and loyal you were. Soon I will hold you and John in my arms. I’m looking forward to that day as Jesus Christ has promised. I still look down at your bed as I get up at night hoping it’s all a big dream. But in my heart I know it’s real. You are no longer here to love and keep me company. You were the lucky one and you’re at peace now. Soon I will join you and I’ll be happy again. My beautiful blond baby girl I love and miss you so much. Please be at the door of Heaven when I get there. I can’t hardly wait to see you my baby girl. Stay happy and be a good girl. See you soon.

  16. Hello my beautiful baby girl. The 18th marked 9 months since I last held you in my arms. That moment is still so vivid in my heart. I miss you so much. Olivia misses you too. She lived to play with you. She wears some of your outfits. Veronica wants me to get another puppy but I can’t. I can’t go thru this pain any more. I will always love only you. Your bed is still on the floor next to my bed. I will see you soon. Just wait for me at the entrance to Heaven. I will be looking for you. Be happy and have fun with your furry friends. I’ll try my best to keep it together but it’s not easy. Missing and loving you always your Mommy Norma.

  17. Dear Mia If you only knew how much I have missed you this whole year. Today it’s been one year since I last held and kissed your beautiful face. Olivia and Kasha miss you too. How do I know. Because when I call out your name they look around. I do this constantly. I just call out your name and wish you were here and they look for you. I never knew this loss could be so painful but it is. So painful that I never want to have another pup replace you. But also I can’t go through this awful pain again. My beautiful furry blond angel I’m still missing you. I wish I had the chance to start all over again precious baby girl. You’ll always be my beautiful blond angel who loved me unconditionally. Thank you for the 16 years you let me love you and for sharing your feisty ways when you were upset with me. I’ll never forget you little daughter. You are part of my life. May you Rest in piece with all the other furry angels. Mommy loves you so much! Kisses and hugs for you always. Mommy Norma

  18. Hello my beautiful baby girl It’s been one year and four months since I held you in my arms. I can still see your beautiful eyes looking at me. A sight I shall never forget. Mommy is missing you so much. I see other pups that resemble you but nothing compares to your beautiful face. I remember picking you up and telling you how beautiful you were. That will always be in my heart. Missing you so much. Rest In Peace my baby girl. I will meet you at the gate of Heaven. Your uncle John will be there too. Love you

  19. My beautiful baby girl: today is 1 year and 7 months since I last held you in my arms. I couldn’t see the beautiful memories I’ve been posting every month for you. Maybe they got lost or not posted. It seems like only yesterday I was hugging you my blond furry baby girl. I missed you so much Mia. I see neighbors walking their puppies and they all look like you. I see you in them. I see people at stores with their furry babies and I have this great regret of not sharing your beauty with other people. I should have taken you shopping. Forgive me my baby girl. Veronica and Jon want me to get another pup but I’m not ready yet. Your beautiful ashes are still embedded in my heart. I don’t want to experience this pain ever again. Kasha and Olivia keep me company for now. I really don’t want another pup. There’s still too much pain in my heart. With God’s grace You will be waiting at the gates of Heaven. That’s if I make it. Loving and missing you Mia. Thinking of you this Christmas when you’d seat by my side while putting ornaments on tree.

  20. Dearest Mia, my beautiful blond angel
    How I miss you. Today is March 27th and I’m 10 days late writing in your timeline. On March 18th you’ve been in Heaven for one year and 10 months. So many things have happened. Your grandpa passed and Terry my best friend passed on March 18th. So I’ve been in sadness for them and you my baby girl. I still see you every day in some pup that looks like you. ❤️ Hope you’re having a good time with your pup friends. Soon we will be together. Missing you every single day my precious little girl. Hoping to see you in John’s arms when I get there. 🙏🙏❤️🥰😘 love you mommy 🌹

  21. Dearest Mia 😘❤️
    My sweet little baby girl. This month marks one year and 11 months since I last held you in my arms. I miss you very much little blond girl. I miss you fussing at me. I miss taking you walking. I miss your warmth and the love you had for me. Someday I’ll get to see you my little precious baby girl. For now all my love is yours. Have a wonderful time playing with Rage. I’ll shall see you soon. Love you so much. Mommy 🥰😘🌹❤️🙏

  22. On May, 18, 2019 was the last day I held my sweet Mia in my arms. It seems like only yesterday because I’m feeling the same pain in my heart. I’m missing my beautiful blond little girl. It’s been two years and seems like it was today that she left me. You’re always in my heart and I could never ever replace you. I just couldn’t go thru this pain ever again. My sweet Mia mommy loves you. Soon I will see you again. Soon I will hold you in my arms. Till then hope you’re having a fabulous time with your doggie friends. Mommy 😘❤️🌹💐

  23. Missing my baby girl Mia. It’s been two years and a month since I last held you in my arms. Mia beautiful little girl there’s not one day I don’t think of you and wish I could give you a big hug. Some day I’m going to see you. Can’t tell you when but I’ll be there. Hope you’re having fun with Rage and other pups. See you soon my baby girl! Mommy loves you and misses you so much. 😘🥰❤️😍

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