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Ollie Bear Rose

ollie bear rose

Our wonderful beloved Ollie Bear was born on February 19, 2018 and crossed the rainbow bridge on July 8, 2023 at around 1:30 AM.  Ollie found the strength to jump through the doggie door one last time to look into his dad‘s eyes and say goodbye.  Ollie Bear was a such a big part of our family and we are lost without him. 

Ollie loved to lay in the grass and feel the wind running through his fur. He also loved going for walks and making sure he marked every tree. Ollie was always down to go for a car ride and always got so excited to go to the dog park.
King Klaus, Beautiful Bella, Papi Chulo and Chucha will miss you very much. Your brother Papi Chulo will miss you the most as you were always together.
We will love you forever Ollie Bear, and you will always be in our hearts. Your spirit will live on with us, and we know you were watching over us.  The beautiful memories we made will always be with us. Until we meet again, rest in peace Ollie Bear.
Love you always
Mom & Dad
Remembering Ollie by Victoria Rose:
Ollie’s Favorite Day

The sun is shining brightly and fiercely,
The grass is green and fluffy as ever.
The weather is just right, not too hot or too cold, just a perfect 75 degree temperature with the occasional wind blowing gently.
This is Ollie’s favorite day.
Where he can prance and jog happily where he can be free and roam the yard as if it was his personal kingdom.
He can chase all the butterflies and bees to his heart desires.
And finally once he’s had enough and he’s tired.
He’ll throw himself on the grass and roll around in it until he’s found the right spot and he’s comfy.
He could sleep there for hours with a smile on his face.
Snoring and breathing loudly yet it’s soothing because it’s Ollie’s sound.
Just Ollie laying there lazily in the grass and just soaking in and absorbing all of the sun in.
He’ll open his eyes just a tiny bit to see a herd of 4 mixed dog breed charging after him.
A fluffy black lion dog, Klaus the oldest running along the side with a mini Klaus, but a female version, Bella, this is Ollie’s woman.
A soft creamy brown dog running as fast as can be, is Papi Chulo and Papi’s daughter, Chucha.
His family.
Chasing and jumping on top of Ollie.
A startle Ollie is awoken, he starts to stretch his little legs and recomposes himself to get up.
He shakes off any dirt or grass, he may have picked up because Ollie did not like to get dirty.
His cream white fur with hints of blonde ombré on his coat, was always well kept and cleaned.
To Ollie, his fur is like Prada.
He wore it with class and pride.
The sun starts to set down slowly, the end of the day is near.
It was time for Ollie to go home.
Ollie rushes through the doggy door looking for his other family.
The human family.
Candy is in kitchen cooking away making crispy tacos for her husband, Soul.
And Victoria is sitting at the kitchen table going on about the new love of her life while her mother listens.
Ollie barks loudly.
Immediately, everyone stops what they’re doing and rushes to the sound of the bark.
Candy and Victoria rush outside in search of the bark from Ollie.
Soul races through the back door and is also in search of the barking.
No where to be seen.
With a glint of sadness in everyone’s eyes, they return to head back inside the house.
Another bark from Ollie, but only louder this time coming from the sky.
Everyone turns to face the sky and is in shock.
The clouds all look like Ollie….
Tears start to form in everyone’s eyes.
Ollie is saying hello to us, to let us know we’re not alone, and he watches over us.
To let us know that he knew we loved him and he loved us back.
All the dogs continue to play, all of them are chasing what it looks like to be the air.
But it’s really Ollie.
Ollie continuing to play with Klaus, Bella, Papi, and Chucha until it’s time for Ollie to go home.
This is what I can only imagine and hope for Ollie.
I hope his days in heaven is where the sun never sets.
The clouds continue to be as puffy and fluffy as can be.
Where there is a never ending land of bright green soft grass where he can roam around to his heart’s content.
There’s a big old willow tree where Ollie can sleep peacefully and snore away in pure serene.
I hope this is Ollie’s heaven.
I love you Ollie Bear.
Thank you for giving us the best five years of our lives.

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