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Pop Metting

pop  metting
“Pop” our beloved fur baby crossed the Rainbow Bridge 11/08/2021.
Pop a 5lb Chiweene had the biggest bark and personality ever seen in a pup. He was spunky and larger than life. If you weren’t part of his tribe, he’d let you know, (hence the Chihuahua part of his Chiweenie self). For the few that were lucky enough to make it into his circle of love, he loved you with every fiber of his tiny body.
We are so blessed to have been loved by him during his 7 years of life, to have been part of his team. He never forgot his family even when the kids left home for college, he would pee from excitement every time they were reunited. He celebrated by doing a celebratory prace and he would put his tiny dog tags into his tiny mouth to bring them to you out of prue joy. He would release his tags to begin a barrage of kisses. His favorite human, though, was his mom, who he could not part with for an instant (and would squeal the highest pitch sound of joy when the garage door went up, signaling she was home from work).
Pop was happiest when he was with family. He was the best travel buddy. He Pop loved road trips.  Pop accompanied his family on hikes, cross country road trips, and flights to San Diego, and D.C.
There is so much that can be said about our sweet Pop. We loved him immensely and he will be so very missed.
RIP Pop 3/17/2014~11/08/2021

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