11/25/2004 Im 12 years old. To My Little Puppy Doggy

I remember when I first met my doggy. He was very small. It was the day of February 25, 2003. I was coming back from school when I opened the gate to my fence and I saw a small brown orange dog scratching at our door. My dad panicked. He didnt know what happened to the dog. He thought that one of our uncles that was in town that week had dropped him off because he had wanted us to have a dog for a long time. So my dad, he wasnt very fond of animals because we had never had a pet before, so he didnt know what to do. He sent me out to feed him every now and then. About a week later we decided to adopt him. I remember driving to the HEB just down the street thinking of a name. ‘Osiris’, No, he doesnt look like much of a god of the dead type, I mean he is orange and playful. ‘Since he is orange, maybe we should give him a sun god’s name like Ra’ That one stuck. Good thing too, because me dad wanted to name him Ra CLUSOE !!! What a crappy name… Ra easily became my best friend soon. He always was so friendly and playful. We would play many games, from the stupidest ideas to the easiest ones to think of. The first one I taught Ra, was one I called sockwars. This one was my favorite. Everyday that I would come home from school, my brother and I would devote about 5-10 minutes to him for that. The way we played was like this. My dog Ra, would like anything you had from a stick, to a turkey, to make you chase him, he loved being chased. So what I would do is purposely drop my sock on the ground, he would grab it and take off. It was so much fun. Eventually we would both get tired and I lie down on the monkey grass, which there is only one spot in the whole yard that has that. It was so much softer and nicer. Just our sizes put together , so it was perfect. I would sit down and scratch his stomach until I felt like eating inside. My Ra was funny because of the way he didnt undertand things. Like when we would give him some hot food, like a pancake. He would bark at it until the hot would go away. He also didnt like water, so he would try to scare it away by biting it. He would also panic when my brother and I would jump into the water. I remember one time he swam all the way out into a lake to ‘save’ us from the water. I think tis is the thing that I found funniest of all that he had ever done. In my family, we have family feasts on Sundays. We would always fix up something nice for it. One time we were having turkey, it was one of the biggest chickens we had ever had. I spent about 30 minutes seasoning it, trying to perfect it. ‘Ahhh..finally done.’ So I left to go play my video games. Clot, clot, clot , clot, I heard my doggie’s paws hitting against the red tiles in our kitchen. I turned around to say Hi, and I saw my puppy lay his giant snout around the perfect turkey. He dragged it off the counter and ran outside with it. He sat in the corner of our yard and tore that turkey apart. That was so hilarious ! I was laughing for such a long time at that. My doggy was so comforting. He would never get mad at anything. I remember one time, I couldnt get to sleep, so I went in with him for about an hour, until, I feel asleep right next to him. He would make the best wake up calls, too. A warm tongue on my face woke me up in two seconds flat. When my doggy was five months old, he was a pain, but the funniest pain there ever was. I remember we were going to Denver with him to visit my Tia Ana and my Tio Juan Carlos, I was soooooooo hungry, so we decided to get somerhing at Sonic. We stopped by and did a little drive-thru. I got my favorite meal, the coney deal. This is the best foot long hot dog you would ever have. I was eating it little by little, piece by piece, because I dont like to eat fast. My mom and dad started talking to me, and I completely forgot about my hot dog. My dad let our dog go in the backseat with my brother, my unguarded hotdog and me. I was chattering away with my mom, and I heard a Grrrrr growwwwwwwwl it got softer then softer, over and over. I whirled around and my dog’s whole snout was in at my hotdog. The reason the growling got softer was because he was pushing his face harder and harder into my hotdog. ‘NO’ I yelled over the growling of my puppy, though it was quite quiet by now. He spun around and faced me. He look so funny with his whole snout smeared with chili and cheese. Im not sure if he was taunting me or not, but he kept licking his lips over and over, and over, and over and over. These are some the funniest things that my dog has ever done. Though I loved him just the same all the time. i miss him so much every day then the day before. He was a huge inspiration to me. He taught me how to love, and to enjoy things a lot more while you still can, because you will treasure everything ten times more when you cant do anything more to remember with this person. I would rather not talk about his death, but I still dont think he is truly dead. He just lost his body and now he is even more free than he was with a body, because now he can fly. I still have his cremated body in front of our fireplace, along with one of the things he chewed,(there was a lot of stuff to choose from) the flower that he peed on the most, a picture, and four candels that we light everyday. My dog will never die. he will always be here, in my house with me, no matter if I can see him or not. Ra, I will never forget you. By the way, today is your birthday Ra, isnt it doggy ? Happy Birthday to you !!!Happy Birthday to You !!! Happy Birthday Dear Doggy !!! Happy Birthday to You !!!! Love, Andres

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