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Rosie Lee Scott

rosie scott

At the age of 18, Rosie Lee Scott left this life but not our hearts. After a series of strokes & seizures which started in late November of 2008, it was in Rosie’s best interest to help her go home on Tuesday, June 16, 2009. Her entry into this world was rather bleak; a woman saw this poor puppy, later determined to be between 6 to 8 months old, being tossed from a car during a rain and thunder storm. The lady picked the scared little one up and took her home only to be told by her landlord/father “she goes or you go!” A couple just married happened to be looking for a four-legged child, and saw a rather inauspicious ad that said “free puppy” and gave a phone number. After seeing this ad for a few days, the couple checked it out. With love at first sight, this gangly, awkward very active pup became Rosie Lee Scott, daughter of Darrell and Annetta (AJ) Scott Rosie’s first year or so with her new parents was interesting. She learned to climb a chain link fence and was rescued from Nimitz Middle School a couple of times. An open door always meant “make a run for it!” An understanding of rules and boundaries came slowly to Rosie, but although a terror through her terrible two’s, she began to settle down and became a little charmer. She was easy to house train, and maintained those manners until about a year ago. She loved to chase birds, cats, and squirrels. Many times we would go to the back door to let her in and find her showing off a prized catch- usually a bird but once a squirrel. Rosie loved to have her belly scratched. Rosie loved attention of any kind. When the family came to visit, she would allow them to get comfortable and settled into a chair. Without notice, here came Rosie flying through the air, flipping over onto her back in mid air and landing squarely in an unsuspecting lap, with a look that said “I’m adorable, rub me!!!” It took the “grandparents”, Bill and Chubby Lee, a little time to get used to it, but being her grandparents, they began to find it amusing. Besides us, Grandma and Grandpa Lee, she had Uncle Glenn, Aunt Cathy and cousins Amanda, Chad and John to entertain her. We left the house on Dawnridge to “live the high life “in a high-rise condo. Rosie quickly became the belle of the ball and was often complimented on her good manners. (When pressed to it, she did know how and when to be a lady.) She charmed the staff there and acted like royalty. As the family became smaller, a rather special person came along; James Ratka. Rosie loved to play with James, and although he was little at the time, she did not mind the play, and would always come back for more. Shortly after we decided to buy another home and we moved to Shearer Hills, Rosie began to age. She still like to play, but brought us pecans instead of birds. She started to slow down, but did not lose her spirit. We love to travel, but would not leave Rosie or the other kids in the care of strangers. We, and Rosie too, were lucky that John Eric (our nephew) would come and stay here with her and the other kids. John was very patient with her, good to her, and it allowed us to continue to travel and not have a worry at all about the kids. Age can be a bear, but Rosie found out how to work it. Age had it’s perks; she finally, after many years, trained AJ into allowing her to sleep in our bed. Not just in our bed, but up by us. Inch by inch, she would crawl up to be loved and petted. After awhile, AJ realized if she wanted any peace, just go with it. Rosie had finally won her battle and had the bed she allowed us to share with her. Time finally took its toll, and Rosie became the old lady of the house. Squirt, another adopted four legged girl, and Pepper, an African Grey parrot, was her subjects to rule or ignore. The past year has been hard on Rosie. She is at peace, somewhere having a grand time. She leaves behind Mama and Daddy, Squirt, Pepper, Uncle Glenn, cousins Amanda, Chad, John, and her pals, James and Annita. A prayer was given and a private goodbye was shared with Rosie this morning before she left us. I believe that heaven will be so perfect we will see her again. Until then, we live with great memories and gratitude she was placed in our lives to love and be loved by her.

Funeral Home:
All Paws Great and Small Crematory
5611 E. Houston St.
San Antonio, TX
US 78220

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