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Savannah Moye

savannah moye
Savannah came into our lives when she was 6 weeks old, once we saw those big blue eyes at only 3 tiny pounds there was no doubt she was coming with us to her new home! She made herself at home and as we always said it was all hers- she just let us make the payments!   Savannah was always the best dressed, ate only the best and when she heard a cork pop she was right there until she got the first drink- she loved to walk and barked at every thing and every one!
Savannah was always the fighter and kept letting us know she wasn’t going anywhere!  Then came the time she became tired & weak and in her special way let us know when it was time. She gave us the most amazing 17 years and 8 months!
She was a gift from God who was the best example of unconditional LOVE.  We are so grateful and blessed to have had her in our lives!  She may be gone physically but she is now pain-free sitting next to Jesus! We will miss her everyday but she will live in our hearts and will be sitting right there waiting for us.  Thank you for being so awesome- Love you baby girl! Yes

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  1. One month ago today you were at peace, my heart is still broken and I miss you SO much! Life isn’t the same without you but every day is one day closer to seeing you again! Thank you for being so amazing! Love you baby girl!

  2. Today was a month that you were at peace! The days since then have been so empty without you. Everyday is one day closer to seeing you again! Thank you for being such an amazing companion! Love you baby girl!

  3. It has been six weeks now since our little girl Savannah left us to go home.After a
    wonderful 17 1/2 years she knew her time as a loving companion had come to an end. It was a beautiful run and every day was another special gift. To say that she
    is missed is a huge understatement. You were just the perfect companion.
    Rest in peace baby girl. !

  4. It has now been six weeks since Savannah left us to go home. She had a great
    life for 17 1/2 years bringing us joy and a sense of family everyday. She was the
    perfect companion and totally enjoyed her role. (It’s pretty easy when you are the
    queen). To say she is missed is a huge understatement.
    Rest in peace baby girl !!

  5. Two months ago today you left us Savannah- I still find myself looking for you every day! I miss you SO much but I know you are well and I look forward to the day I see you again- Love you baby girl-

  6. Happy Birthday Savannah! Today is your 18th birthday. I miss you baby girl and love you but especially today! Celebrating you!!!

  7. Happy Birthday Savannah! Today’s your 18th birthday! I miss you so much baby girl but especially today! Celebrating you!!!

  8. Happy Valentine’s Day baby girl!

    God didn’t allow our pets to speak to teach us that love and loyalty are demonstrated by actions and not words! That you did every day- Love & Miss you!

  9. CandleImageHappy Birthday Savannah! One single red ballon was released for you today! This is such a special day because the world became a better place the day you were born! Love and miss you baby girl!

  10. CandleImageThe holidays aren’t the same without you baby girl! Missed you on our road trip to Granny B’s, it isn’t the same without you with your front paws on the console wanting to know if we are there yet! Wish I could hold you one more time! Love you- Hugs!

  11. CandleImageIt’s hard to believe 2 years ago today we said good-bye! I loved you your whole life and will miss you the rest of mine! Miss you so much Baby girl!

  12. CandleImage3 years ago today I said good-bye to Savannah who I was blessed to have in my life for 17 years & 8 months! They bring so much joy to our lives and I was so blessed to have had her as a part of my life! It’s never long enough and they leave such a BIG hole in our hearts when they leave. She showed up and lived every day to the fullest always reminding me who was in charge! Miss you Baby girl- can’t wait until the day we are together again!

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