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Scooby N.

scooby n.

Scooby came into Nikesh’s life in 2010 when he was around 9 months. What Nikesh thought was a temporary foster care became a permanent love between 2 beings. Scooby was a warm, sweet, loving dog who was always up to playing. He loved a good rub and cuddle time. He loved kids and did not mind when the little ones pulled his fluffy, always wagging tail. While he loved attention from anyone who showed him a little affection, he truly only had eyes for Nikesh. The bond between him and Nikesh is the truest form of unconditional love. We will all miss Scooby. We pray for his soul to rest in peace.

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  1. CandleImageCondolences for the families loss. It’s always heart breaking to loss a loved one. May you find comfort and hope during this troubled time.

  2. When we first bought our house right next to Nikesh, Scooby was sitting in the front yard and we thought he was part of the Christmas decorations. 😄 Scooby was a great friend and he was always kind and gentle with other people and pets. My family will miss him greatly, and we are glad to have met such a wonderful dog!!

  3. CandleImageScooby was the first pup I met when I came to US. He did leave a lasting impression and in some way did contribute to me getting my furry love.
    Hope to keep him alive in our memories

  4. CandleImageScooby is really special and he was a super dog for me when I heard that he had made his way all the way from India to the US. He couldn’t take his eye of Nikesh whenever he was around and would follow even to the restroom!! Witnessing unconditional love is very rare and Scooby demonstrated that everyday of his life. Will be always remembered.

  5. CandleImageScooby showed his unconditional love to Nikesh and so did Nikesh to Scooby. Scooby had no fears and wanted to be where Nikesh was – a beautiful dog …. Will miss you bud and you will be remembered always!

  6. CandleImageWe fell in love with Scooby the moment we met him. Charlie and I always looked forward to seeing him when we went to visit Robert & Raquel. Scooby definitely brought joy to everyone who met him, you couldn’t help but fall in love with him. His beautiful white fur, forever wagging tail, and I swear he looked like he always was smiling, he will be truly missed. He was just so sweet. Nikesh, I have never witnessed such a special bond between a fur baby and his parent. You can tell he was truly loved which I pray brings you, Nehula, Tagious and Harmon comfort. Rest in peace sweet sweet Scooby! 🙏

  7. CandleImageScooby was the luckiest dog as he found Sarab who rescued him and then got adopted by Nikku who opened his home and heart for little lovable Scooby . It was love at first sight for both of them❤️ and Scooby had to never look back. Still remember little Scooby’s recovery days in Hyderabad . Adorable darling Scooby ❤️❤️❤️ RIP

  8. CandleImageWe were very shocked to hear about Scooby passing away. Our deepest condolences to Nikesh and his family. Scooby was lucky to find Nikesh and receive unconditional love from sweet family ❤️ . I have always seen him following Nikesh around everywhere ❤️. Scooby lived a good life . May his soul rest in peace .

  9. CandleImageThe little bundle of Joy, Love and Loyalty. He gave back so much more of everything he received. Am glad we crossed paths and grateful he allowed us to care for him.
    As much as how devastating this must be for Nikesh and the family…a moment of gratitude for everything they did, and all the love they had for him. Scooby went knowing he was loved ❤️

  10. CandleImageJust loved Scooby. He was special and was so loyal. He stayed with my lil guy Astro for a few nights and they formed what I called an ‘Old Man’s relationship’.
    Nikesh you and your fam did great giving him the best life he could have imagined. I know the bond u built with him Nikesh and I’m sure Scooby did recognize and appreciate it.
    Rest in peace Scooby.

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