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Sonya Ray

sonya ray

Sonya came into our lives in 2015, while we were attending the July 4th parade in Spicewood, TX. She was in the parade as one of the special dogs of the Highland Lakes SPCA. Sonya ran over to us, standing on the sidelines of the parade, licking our son Len and giving us a lot of attention. We quickly made the decision that Sonya would make an awesome addition to our family, contacted the SPCA and arranged for our adoption of Sonya. Sonya became our loved, precious dog on July 11, 2015. At that time, we were told she was about 1.5 years old.

Sonya was truly a loved, special addition to our family household in San Antonio. She was a loving, vigorous, active dog that always brought happiness and pleasure to our lives. Prior to Sonya entering our family, we had a cat – Stella, who after taking 1 year to adjust to Stella’s 60 pound presence, finally would rub against Sonya, annoying Sonya but with Sonya always taking it in her own patient and stoic way. Sonya was a very expressive dog, smiling when we came home, telling us via her special howl that it was time for her evening walk, and always knowing how to make sure we knew that it was time for her treat out of the “treat drawer”.

Sonya was an integral part of our family’s lives for almost 3.5 years, when we left on our every-2-year ski trip. I arranged for a friend through to come over to our house twice a day while we were out of town to walk Sonya and keep her fed and entertained. On the last day of 2018 – New Year’s Eve morning – the day before we came back home, our friend came over to walk Sonya. She unexpectedly and suddenly collapsed and died while on her walk, at the approximate age of 5 years old. Such a sad and unexpected loss of our happy, vigorous & dearest Sonya. We came home on New Year’s Day 2019, starting the New Year on a real downer of a Sonya-less household.

We had Sonya cremated. Her ashes will always remind us of the all-too-short happiness that Sonya brought to our family. Sonya – you will be missed and remembered forever.

Sonya, loved by the Ray family

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