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Wiggles Bhyravabhotla

wiggles bhyravabhotla

Wiggles, a beautiful red/brown Miniature Dachshund, was a dog who lit up a room, everyone loved him. He was such a special dog that it can’t be explained, he seemed to able to cheer you up, even if he had done something bad and could oink and snort like a pig! He loved his food, and I swear could tell time. If you didn’t notice it was dinner time he would let you know! He loved to play with pig toys and loved anything yellow. One of his favorite things was to roll around and chase giant plastic balls in the backyard. He loved to be tucked into bed at night and honestly liked to listen to classic rock! I turned on the tv to VH1 Classic at night for him to listen to until I got back in the room. =)

Wiggles was born right here in San Antonio, and we all knew from the very beginning he was special. I was ten at the time and wanted to look in the pet store down the road. My mom, sister, brother and I went into that pet store, not planning on getting another puppy as we already had one, but when I saw Wiggles in that little window I immediately fell in love with the little brown Miniature Dachshund pup. We left without him, I was so heartbroken. After we got home my parents talked about it, being a military family we lived on base at the time, already had one Miniature Dachshund and lived in a very small “apartment”. To make a decision we took my dad to the pet store. Needless to say we ended up taking Wiggles home just a few minutes later, the best thing that has ever happened to me. We named him Wiggles because he would not sit still and wiggled around everywhere the minute he was out of the cage! Wiggles was just around two months when we took him home, and was meant to be a family dog and a playmate for Waddles (our other Miniature Dachshund). With five of us in the house, there was plenty of companionship for Wiggles, but Wiggles decided to pick me. He would follow me everywhere, he would even sit outside the bathroom door waiting for me to get out of the shower. We were in love with each other, much like a mother loves her child. My mom decided that since Wiggles acted like I was his owner that I could have him, he was my dog! I was so happy, Wiggles belonged to me. I took care of him, helped potty train him and groomed him. After about a week he was so sick, he could not keep food or water down and was dehydrating himself. So we had to take him to the base vet. We came to find out that he never had his first set of shots (which the pet store said they had done). We got him all fixed up, and after a few weeks he was a perfect puppy. In December 1999, after living in San Antonio for only a year, we had to move to Virginia. While we were there my older sister got her own dog as well, a Miniature Pinscher. Now with three dogs, there was a lot of ruckus in the house! We didn’t mind, but we lived again in base housing and our neighbors complained something awful. We were told we had to get rid of some of our dogs or we had to move (which we couldn’t afford at the time). I was devastated. We found someone to come take Wiggles and Waddles, I watched from my bedroom window as they came and took them from our backyard, my heart breaking. I just couldn’t understand why we were being made to separate our family. We were all so sad, my Mom and I especially. After just a couple of days, we could not take it anymore. We talked to the people who took Wiggles and Waddles and explained to them we had to have them back, they gave us our babies back. I was so thankful, but I was afraid Wiggles would be angry with me for leaving him with someone else. Instead he jumped in my arms and kissed me, like he was thankful that we came back. I promised him I would never do that to him again. In 2001 we had to move to Tampa, Florida, we lived there for three years and acquired two Toy Chihuahuas, Selena and Snoopy! Snoopy instantly took to Wiggles as a little brother, and followed him everywhere. We had a huge canine family in addition to all of us! In 2004 we got orders to move to Japan for three years, I was ecstatic at first, until I was told I could not bring Wiggles or Waddles and that my sister couldn’t move with us either. I was only 15 at the time, and had to go with my parents. I didn’t know how I could handle having to leave him behind, feeling like I was breaking my promise to him. I was able to leave him with my Grandparents in West Virginia, who loved and cared for him. My Papaw and Wiggles had a special bond and they loved each other, even though my heart was breaking at having to leave him, I was thankful my Grandparents were there for him and me. While we were in Japan, Waddles was given to a good family and Wiggles stayed with my Grandparents. In 2005, Wiggles fell and compressed a spinal disc in his back. My mother received the call, and I was mortified when she told me. Our options were to put him to sleep or do surgery which may or may not work. We found a way to do the surgery. I couldn’t be there for Wiggles, I had no way of getting back to the states. They told us he would probably never walk again, and to look into getting a wheel chair. I was so upset, and started looking. Because of the accident Wiggles then became incontinent. My Papaw refused to believe he would never walk again, and did physical therapy with him everyday, for over a year. After many medicines, treatments and because of everything my Grandparents did for Wiggles, Wiggles was able to walk and play like a puppy again. You would never have known he had surgery! We were able to come back to the states in 2007, when we got to my Grandparents house Wiggles was in the backyard like he was waiting for me. I was so afraid he wouldn’t remember me, but again he jumped in my arms and was covered in kisses. I was so happy to finally see him and hold him, I cried. Selena and Snoopy were also so happy to see Wiggles! I bought him a doggie crib in Japan for him to sleep in and he loved it. He would wait for me to put him to bed and cover him up in it. We found a good way to deal with his incontinence, we bought baby diapers and my Grandma and Mom made diaper covers…he looked so cute and didn’t mind them all. Wiggles was now a special needs dog, had to be on a strict schedule. My mom and I took care of him. Since then we’ve moved around a few times, back to Florida and then two places in Texas, which is how we ended up back San Antonio. I was excited be back, and I thought it was neat that Wiggles was able to come back to where he was born. After first moving to San Antonio in June of 2011, my Papaw passed away, we were all devastated. Wiggles knew he was gone, I could see it in his eyes. They loved each other so very much. We went back home, and of course where we go our dogs go. It was then Wiggles had his first seizure. We took him to the emergency vet there, and it was the first time he had ever had one, I was so scared. I thought it was a one time incident since he didn’t have anymore. After we got back to San Antonio they started again, we found a good vet here and they put him on phenobarbital. Now Wiggles was even more special needs, it was my duty and life to take care of him. It worked for a while and we all thought everything was under control. After a few months the seizures started again, off and on. We knew it was getting bad. We tried all kinds of medication, and then they stopped again. Everything seemed to find, Wiggles was doing very well and so playful. On March 24th, we got up as usual, he ate and took his medicine. Wiggles, Selena and Snoopy all played together. We threw toys and played tug-o-war. After playtime, we decided to take a nap with the dogs. I was about to get into bed when Wiggles looked up at me, and I knew what was happening, a seizure. I figured it would be like all the others, stop after a few seconds. After about thirty seconds, it hadn’t stopped so I gave him some valium. It didn’t help, it went on and on. When it stopped, he had horrible tremors and he just cried. My mom and I took him to the emergency vet, where they tried everything they could and told us the tremors were not going to stop. I held Wiggles for a while, just loving him. I held him as they injected the anesthetic, and then the final injection. I felt him go and I felt half my heart went with him. I sat there and wept with him in my arms, already missing him. Coming home that night I didn’t know how I would possibly make it, I was so grief stricken. Selena and Snoopy were looking for their big brother, waiting for him to come home. They still are. I know that over time it will get better, but it will never be the same. I am glad to say that Wiggles was never the “sick” dog, even after all he had been through. He was playful, vibrant, active, happy and loved, just as he had always been, until the very end. He couldn’t stand it if you cried, he just loved on you until you stopped. He was the most caring dog, he always wanted you to be happy. I could look at his face and see how much he loved me. I miss his little snorts and him crunching his food. I still wake up and look in his crib, expecting him to be there. I had almost 13 extraordinary years with Wiggles, over half my life, and even though it was sometimes hard, I would not have traded it for anything in the world. He changed my life, he was my life and there will always be an emptiness there. I am blessed to have such a wonderful Mother in my life to help me get through a life without my baby. I was blessed to have him in my life. Wiggles, I love and miss you dearly and I know you’re up there with Papaw right now, waiting. I will see you again one day. Love, Mommy.

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All Paws Great and Small Crematory
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