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City Hall

  1. Pearl decided one day that she was going to get out of the yard and go explore. Minnie her little sidekick decided to follow her. Minnie’s short little legs could only take her as far as the entrance to our subdivision where she was picked up by an Elmendorf police officer. He took her back to City Hall where everyone immediately fell in love. She was taken home that night by one of the office workers and treated like a queen. She returned to City Hall the next morning where she had full run of the place and was getting loves from everyone. We were so heartbroken that they were lost and immediately put up flyers at the Post Office and plastered every social media website we could. I received a call from the Mayor of Elmendorf that Minnie was there and we could come pick her up. Minnie had her little adventure as the mascot of City Hall. Pearl stayed missing for 2 months and we never gave up hopes of finding her. Both dogs had just been given a bath and neither one were wearing their collars. Pearl and Minnie’s little adventure. Lol

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