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Zeus “Bubba Zeusy” Alford

zeus alford

Zeus “Bubba Zeusy” Alford came into our lives on 03/26/2016. From the moment we brought him home, he was the calmest and happiest puppy. He immediately became attached to his mom & dog mom, Hera. Hera & Zeus spent all of their time together playing, learning, and building a bond like no other.

Zeus was also attached to his mom’s hip. We called him Abby’s little “shadow”. Anywhere I was you could find zeus 1 step behind me.

The excitement came when Zeus went from an only child to introducing 2 human brothers into the mix. He gracefully embraced all of the hair pulls, love, back rides, and craziness that the boys put him through. He had the calmest energy and was content with everything as long as he was near his humans.

Thank you for being the best doggo that a family could ever ask for. You were our first love and family dog and will be INCREDIBLY missed. We will miss all of the butt wags, your Sméagol eyes, and incredible cuddles you gave to us.

I hope you are running through the fields of heaven eating all the snacks and food that you can imagine. No other dog will ever replace the impact that you made on this family. Rest easy sweet boy, until we meet again.

We love you sweet Zeusy boy. ❤️

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